Magic Mushroom Grow kit Tutorial (Max and Go Kits)

Mushrooms Grow Kit Tutorial/Instructions. For the Wholecelium's GO, MAX & MEGAs.
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00:04-00:24 - Unboxing & Setup
Set up your Max and/or Go Kit by removing the lid and placing the kit inside the plastic grow bag folded over and the micro air holes facing up.

00:25-00:34 - Spraying
From the moment you unbox and set up your Max and/or Go Kit, we recommend you spray inside the bag to give your grow kit moisture. Do this every other day until pinheads begin to form. DO NOT spray directly on the grow kit..only around. DO NOT spray once there are pinheads. Too much moisture is not good for harvest.

00:35-00:45 - Pinheads
Once there are pinheads, change the position of the plastic grow bag from face down to an upright position. Fold the top of the plastic grow bag and seal with paper clips. From then on, we recommend you leave your Max/Go grow kit until it is ready for harvest.

00:47-1:06 - Harvest
Your Max/Go Kit is ready for harvest 5-7 days after pinheads have formed. Remove your Max/Go Kit from the grow bag and grab the stem gently. Turn the mushroom from left to right and gently pull.